Monday, August 10, 2009

Transformers ROTF Legends Class Devastator Review Part 2

Now for devastator himself, woohoo!
alt mode 9/10
this is based on the average score of all the individual alt modes of this bunch. i really feel that a fantastic job was done here, and could not ask for more (maybe i still wish they were all in the correct scale :P). kudos to the design team!

robot mode 10/10
i was simply blown away by how accurate the robot mode was to the lineart! further more, this is only a legends class figure. let these pics do the talking!
concept art:

articulation 7/10
despite still being classified as having "limited articulation", aritculation is there where it matters. the head being on a ball joint, can look in ALL directions. it does have limited articulation on elbows, fingers, knees and ankles.

transformation 10/10
a very satisfying and fun trasformation. all the individual bots lock securely to each other. i was very impressed by the way mixmaster, demolisher and overload combined together to form the main body and the head. two thumbs up!

x-factor 8/10
devastator's apperance in the movie was brief, yet it was awesome enough. TF fans and non-TF fans alike, i think no one could miss the sequence when the constructicons combined to form devastator. we also saw devastator slowly devour an Egyptian pyramid. Devastator also contributed a moment of humour, just before he came tumbling down to his premature death.

Final score 44/50
legends class devastator is simply awesome despite his small size. A highly recommended piece! will snap more photos of this guy later.

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