Sunday, August 8, 2010

Transformers Toy Scaling Testcase

Toy scaling has always been one of the overlooked subjects when it comes to transformers toys. Other toy lines such as gundam or macross actually make it a must to have the scale defined clearly for each toy/model kit. in the transformers toy universe though, scale is a much harder subject to tackle. this is mainly due to the vast variety of alt modes sported by these robots, ranging from tiny electronic devices to huge jets and helicopters.

one of the explanations used is the concept called mass shifting which i find very lame. mass shifting is used to explain for example, how starscream's f-22 mode can be more than twice as big as optimus prime's truck mode, but when in robot mode both starscream and optimus seem to be the same size.

anyway, with the transformers movie toyline still very well in production, the are quite few gems which can be found and put together to have a nice feel of scale. here i am showing a set of 4: leader class starscream, voyager class battle blades optimus prime, deluxe class ironhide and scout class breakdown.


well, actually almost!
scout breakdown and deluxe ironhide are actually same scale at 1:50
voyager battle blades optimus is 1:42
and leader starscream is 1:61

detailed info:


  1. so that means leader ss can be put next to 1/60 yamato Macross without any issue

  2. Optimus in vehicle should be half starscream's length. Ironhide should be same height as optimus in vehicle mode. So yes, they're in scale :)

    I've got all my autobots scaled to leader class optimus prime. My starscream and jetfire sit on a different shelf because they're different scale.